One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Day 2: 4 States in one day…

What a long day. Started early ended late.

Left FL in the morning, drove into Alabama only to see the Confederate flag, flying high…what a proud people they are.

Then into Mississippi…where the welcome sign tells me that apparently its “just like coming home”…the people who came up with that slogan obviously have never been to my home. We dont often have wild boars dead on the side of the road where I’m from. 

Finally arriving late afternoon in New Orleans. Walked and toured around for hours and I’m sure the trolley tour would have been much more enjoyable had I not spend the previous 7 plus hours in the car.

The mow’s seemed to like New Orleans…well to be exact they liked our room (the under the bed part of the room) I think.

This is quite the city. Will I be back…maybe? What I do know however is that the jazz blaring through our closed windows is far more enjoyable then the party or whatever it is that is going on in the hallway of our hotel.

Tired is the understatement of the day.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to TX…See you there!


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