One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Blast you super soft bedding…

when I just want to lay down and watch a little tv, in bed, my bedding is so soft and cozy that it lulls me into a deep slumber.

Its like that one epsode of ‘Malcom in the Middle’, when the boys find a new mattress in the middle of the street, drag it home and it then becomes thier undoing. They cant do anything but sleep, they start missing important events and pass the days away in its soft embrace.

Thats how this is.

Today I layed down to watch my new Simpsons dvds, 2 epsodes into them and I was gone…only to wake up 5 hours later!!! I swear if my sheets were like sand paper and my bed hard and lumpy, I’d sleep only at night and for the minimal amount of time needed to function. Rather than the endless amount of sleeping I am seeming to do, in my current situation.

On ‘Malcom’ what did they do? Well Dewey took the initative to rid them of the new mattress…so that they could get back to thier normal everyday lives. I on the other hand have no intention to follow suit…lol

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