One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Can we go look at the Souvenirs?

I’m not sure how far this dates back, but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved souvenirs. It never really mattered how far away we were going or how exciting the destination, I could never leave without at least a tour around the souvenir shop.

Hoever all souvenir stores are NOT created equal, some of the best are in the least expected places. Such as this little place along Big Sur, we stopped in for lunch and found a man making silver jewllery…I bought an amazing ring, it later became discolored but after all these years I still have it and cherish it.

On the other hand some places where you expect to return from with a souvenir or two, leave you disappointed and rather horrified. As was the case during last years visit to the Bahamas, if you could get past the layers of dust and dirt on almost all the chincy items, you’d truly find nothing but crap…and shot glasses. Luckly we stumbled in to a jewellery store where I found a remarkable sliver pendant, it was a starfish made of Bahama blue opal…gorgeous to say the least.

I’ve even gotten J into the world of souvenirs, as we now return from each of our Disney weekends with a new stuffed-animal type magnet. We now have 11 Disney characters stuck up on our fridge, to date.

Once thing is forsure, I’ll never be tired of my souvenirs or the memories they give me with every glance.

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