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Organic really does make a difference…

This morning I enjoyed a bowl of organic strawberries and organic bananas and it was amazing. The strawberries were the size that strawberries are supposed to be, not like the oversized aliens you find in the regular market. They were a deep red, so flavorful and fresh. The bananas had a pure banana flavor, clean and smooth. The difference is in the taste. Granted you have to eat the berries a lot faster, for they have nothing keeping them artifically fresh…but thats certainly no trouble for me.

In my opinion real USDA organic foods, seem to have been grown with love. They may cost a bit more, but the work that is put into thier growing process is where that extra cost comes in. I am so much happier eating foods that are natural and fresh tasting, grown without all the extra gunk found in most foods.

Its also not just better for you to eat, its also so much better for the environment and the land that is used for growing the food…not to mention all the animals that have to live in and around agriculture farms. Organic is so healthy for everyone, so if you can, try to incorporate more organic products into your life…your body and the earth will thank you.

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