One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

My favorite pizza is off the menu…

Sadly when I ordered a cheese pizza at Cafe Europa last night, what was later set infront of me was apparently its new gourmet counterpart. “It’s now the pizza margarita” the waitress explained when I asked why the cheese wasnt fully covering my pizza. Now they use fresh mozzarella which is sliced and placed around the pizza, six or seven times.

I was starving so I ate it. The worst part of this new gourmet pizza was that it was ”drizzled” with olive oil…tased more like drenched with olive oil to me. Cheese has enough grease when it cooks that in my opinion there is no reason to add more.

Even today almost 24 hours later I am still tasing the olive oil and feeling gross from all the grease and oil on that pizza. Next time I’ll walk the extra seven blocks to get an Ats-a-Pizza. Where they leave the olive oil off my pizza. 

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