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Victorias Secret Semi Annual Extravaganza…

Maybe the most fun I’ve had all year ;)

This sale has been on my mind since my best friend informed me of its offical date of January 3rd. Last year I was home with the family so I missed it and then this past summer I missed it again…at home for another visit.

So this time around I was not missing this sale for anything. I even moved an appointment to later in the day so that I could have an entire morning devoted to shopping.

I arrived an hour and a half after the store had opened and it was already packed with women searching and digging for a good deal. Almost everything was on sale and not just a little bit onsale. Everything I was looking at was atleast 50% off the regualr price…sales at VS like this hardly every happen!

I spent a hour and a half over-stuffing two bags, full of pajama bottoms, tanks, sweats, hoodies, bras and panties. I was finding some really wicked things. I wasnt making any decisions, I was just stuffing and shoving in my bags…Once its in your bag you can decide if you want it…later.

Once I made a few circles around the store I headed to the dressing room. I spent almost 2 hours trying on everything I managed to carry into the room with me. (I have to mention that my arms are still aching now from the weight of the bags I dragged through the store)

I was having the absolute best time…I am never happier then when I am shopping a great sale. What made my experience even better is that its my *birthday* in a week so everything I was getting will later be given to my by my boyfriend :) I got to enjoy the process, pick out everything I wanted all the while saving him the agony of buying my a present. (He hates the mall but did very good over the holidays *dreams of the Juicy Couture purse*)

I settled on 2 pairs of pajama bottoms, a pair of thermal pj shorts, a pair of “pink” sweats, a bunch of tank tops, a pink and gold hoodie, a few pairs of panties and a bra. Not too shabby for my 3 hours spent in the store! The total was under $160 and there were some pretty massive savings totaling $350.

This was the best birthday-present-shopping-for-myself experience ever. The only thing that would have made it better was if there had been a big chocolate and vanilla slab cake with my name on it, at the store when I arrived :)

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