One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Fender bender in the hole of South Beach…

Not that I ever like going to South Beach…except for the occasional visit to News Cafe. Once again we had visitors come down for a long weekend and begged to be taken down for a trip.

After having taken a unplanned trip around the city of Miami we were just arriving in Miami Beach. Trying to make our way to the 7th street parking garage when a “party van” full of “fellas” from Georgia scraped the back end of my bumper….while coming out of an alley. As S said, she felt it was a scene out of some movie, to surreal to actually be happening. All I said was “you were the one who wanted to come to South Beach…now you’re getting the full experience.”

I filed my claim today and now I have to go through the lovely process of getting an estimate, talking with claim agents and actually trying to get my bumper repaired.

Maybe I should have just asked for some of the “bling” they had hanging around their necks or some of the cash I’m sure that had in abondance…I can live with a messed up bumper for a little extra $$ ;) .

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