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Garage Sale Hilarity…

I just burst out laughing for having remembered an event that transpired I guess its gotta be over 2 years now.

Before my mom and I moved out separate ways, I mean literally, me to FL and her to GB, we had a Garage Sale.

I don’t know if I was ever really excited about getting up at the crack of ass (thats what I call morning when I have to get up disgustingly early) but I have always liked the idea of making money and then spending that money.

My mom was selling a rose colored love seat sofa that day and I needed to go in the kitchen and make a forsale sign for it. We had a few pieces of cardboard for signs, so I got right to it, writing:

                                              Cough for sale $20

Noticing my error I flipped over the sign and wrote:

                                              Cough for sale $20

This time my mom looks at me and we both sorta laugh….what the hell is wrong with me?I get a new piece of cardboard and write on it this time being very careful to watch my spelling. I write:

                                              Cough for sale $20

 At this time my mom and I are in a state of shock and amazement and cant help but bust out laughing!!! The forth time was the charm, for she (if I remember correctly) spelled out the word couch for me, letter by letter.

That day the couch never ended up selling, so it got shipped off to the Salvation Army. That poor couch was doomed from the start.

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