One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

I can’t believe I walked around all day like this….

and no one told me!! I decided since the weather was warm today with a bit of a breeze that I would wear one of my long flowing skirts. I wanted to wear my brown teeshirt so the only skirt that matched it was my turquoise blue long skirt.

Well apparently this skirt is a tad see-through. How have I had this skirt for almost a year and not have known that fact? Ahhhhhh

So I have these pink and red striped panties that have bits of silver inbetween each stripe. Very cute might I add…cute but not to be on display.

So the skirt matched with the panites…was apparently perfection! Read on:

It’s almost 9pm, my first class was at noon. I walked to and from school 3 times, both ways makes it 6 times. Each time showing all of downtown Fort Lauderdale my panties!

You can seeeee everything through this skirt, the panties, the butt, everything! I am mortified that I didnt notice before now and that not one girl said “hey did you know your skirt is see through?”…Nothing!

The only up side to this horrid situation is that at least I wasn’t wearing the ones that say “I Love Kissing” on the bum.

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