One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

The Beatles.

I am always surprised by the absolute intense emotions that certain Beatles songs can rouse within me. I grew up with the Beatles so you’d think this stuff would be old news for me, but tonight for instance I was having a massive craving for The White Album. I took a listen and fell into the lap of a dear old friend “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” I was immediately transported into a state of bliss.

I danced in a flutter around the room.

Instantly had the urge to dig out my box of acrylic paints and a canvas so that I could paint a guitar that was drowning in a pool of tears and melting ever so slowly.

I wished I had a pair of yellow rubber rain boots.And I wanted to eat a cupcake (although I had wanted to eat a cupcake all day) but I wanted to eat it while panting in my rubber boots and sitting in the middle of the room on the floor. *sigh* I love my Beatles moments…for they are the moments that create the deepest longest lasting memories.

I still remember that the Imagine record was playing in the background when my mom and dad told my brother and me that they were separating and getting an eventual divorce.


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