One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

I could totally eat some Tangs right now!!

I love chinese food more then anything but my favorite restaurant is back home in Canada. Tangs Chinese Village, doesnt have the greatest atmosphere but what they lack in the style department they sure make up for with their food. I’ve been eating there since around 1995, so “Mr.Tang” (the owner/chef, thats his nickname) knows me very well, he knows I like my veggies without mushrooms, onions or peppers; my rice without green onions, and my deep fried wontons with no meat. He has the BEST EVER sweet and sour sauce and the BEST EVER fried rice and everything else is damn good too.

I’ve often thought of having Mr. Tang cater my wedding, I know that wont happen but he has definatly got to cater at least my rehersal dinner or something. The food costs about $$$ out of 5 but its worth it, its my comfort food and the only thing that has really stayed the same over the past decade.

Tangs is the only chinese food I eat, I used to eat at various restaurants but have since learned a valuable lesson. A good chinese food restaurant is hard to find, finding one is like winning the lottery.

Chinese food experiences in the past have sent me to the hospital and have given me the worst food poisioning anyone could ever have, I’m lucky to be alive. I was sick for weeks, threw up non stop for days and started verbally giving away my possessions to my family, thinking that I wasnt going to make it through. I could only listen to Stevie Nicks, everything else made me vommit and the worst part was that it happened over the winter holidays, so my newyears was a total bust. The hospital visit was the lesser of two evils, but now I am faithful to Tangs and Tangs alone.

When I was home over the summer I think I only had Tangs twice, I didnt want to over do a good thing but I am definatly looking forward to having some over christmas break this year.

Mr.Tang had told me when I was home that he had gotten really sick with cancer and I had misunderstood and congratualted him. I dont know I was thinking and still to this day I feel horrible about it. I really hope that he is doing well now.

I guess Tangs isnt just a restaurant, its part of who I am and where I came from. Its what I’d always ask for on my birthday, what I’d get on special occasions or after a shift at the Nav, when I couldnt be bothered to cook. I am composed of what is it? 70% water? 10% Tim Hortons and 20% Tangs. Actually thats prolly true, seeing as though I do have a bit of a spare tire :)

When I’m at home with Tangs, a good movie and my family, everything seems just right. 

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