One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Where to lay?

You’d think that for a cat that would be a pretty easy answer, lay in the cat bed, on the people bed, the floor, the cat condo but nooooo. My cat SoBe has chosen to lay on my homework and not on a corner of it, hes on top of the entire homework pile. He is laying on my oceanography textbook, which is partially covered by my notebook, which has some papers laying on it, topped off by a pen. How can that be comfortable you might ask? but for SoBe hes very much into the unconventional sleeping places, unconventional toys and unconventional hiding places. He loves dried or fresh roses, sleeping in his litter and stretching up 3 feet to reach up to our orchid plant. When ever he can he likes sneaking into the closets, finding little burrows and when Willow sets out to look for him he also enjoys catching her by surprise and jumping right on her back.

He is needless to say a hoot, I love watching him, playing with him and cuddling with him. He has added a lot of excitement and zooish-ness to our lives, but thats something I wouldnt trade for the world.

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