One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

A spiritual experience.

Practising yoga with Lisa, over these past three days has caused me to have a spiritual awakening. She is like no other instructor, for she takes our classes to a spiritual level and I’ve found I cant get that feeling anywhere else. In her presence everyone is able to connect with the engery flow of the class, find true stillness and move towards a deeper understanding of the practise and of themselves.

I’ve have yet to have the same experience twice, every class is different, every teacher unique and every moment insightful. Many feelings and emotions come out through my yoga practise, today I was able to take with me a feeling of peace, calm and warmth. I am inspired when I leave class, to better the world through my own actions. I have a deep connection to my fellow classmates and eventhough we may never share a word, there is an overall acceptance and a nurturing love for one another.

If just for a moment during the course of a day, I am able to leave the outside world behind, channel into the energy of the group, find my center, my spirit and for me that is a true moment of happiness.

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