One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

So I guess I’m offically a local.

Feeling too relaxed to cook yet hungry enough to eat, J and I headed down to our favorite little Italian joint for a late evening dinner.

It’s an eclectic little place with pictures, mirrors and lights hanging all over the walls. Initally when we moved here, its decor turned us off but now it hardly calls for a second glance.

We pretty much order the same thing everytime we visit, once in awhile chosing an alternate dish. We’ve come to know the wait staff and they us, so it didnt come up as much of a surprise as one of the waiters came over for a chat. What did however come as a surprise was that we were given a “Prefered Customer” card, that gets us a 20% discount everytime we dine with them.

So can it be that now I’m a local, people are remembering me and are starting to recognize me??

Its truly amazing that in the very same week that I’ve confessed that Florida is really starting to grow on me….Florida has now said the same thing. Its a little bit of reassurance and comfort from a place that I now call my home.

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