One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

My dad.

Its fathers day and although we are miles and miles apart I’ve never felt closer to my dad. Over the years my dad and I went through a lot together, we grew together and we learned together. My dad taught me some of the most important lessons a young girl needs to know, he taught me to always take pride in my appearance and in myself, to always be strong and stand up for myself and to above all to cherish the bond that is family.

My dad grew up with father figures but not with one dad, he had many amazing men in his life, not just one solid father. That fact alone amazes me because my dad is the most incredible man I will ever know. He was always there for me and even when I scared the bejesus out of him, with some of the makeup, clothes and friends I was into, he always steered me back on course, without me ever knowing.

I feel honored to have him as my father, through the years, the moments of struggle and joy have brought us closer together. I look in to the future with great excitement knowing that he will be the one to walk me down the aisle, hold my first born child and be there the entire time as my father and as my best friend.

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