One Little Slip

Like it or love it, it’s my life.

Is that an MDA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Yes its offical I’ve lost my bf to a cell phone, the new MDA from T-mobile that is. I always knew the computer came first, but now im third to a cell phone? No its ok, I’m laughing inside.

Personally a plain ordinary cell phone is addequate for me, all I like is to recieve calls, make calls and see whos calling me. Thats it. I dont need to log on to servers in the elevator, surf the net while at the grocery store, instant message from my car, or blog while over at a friends house. Maybe that makes me a simple person but thats ok with me.

I like for things to be easy, not complicated, I dont need a pocket Pc, Im not even sure if I’d know what to do with a Pocket Pc, all I know is that I sure hope they dont come out with a pocket dvd/tv/cell phone/pc/server/refridgerator/bathroom/mother cause one thing is forsure…I’d be obsolete.

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